Total Control


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Geoff Makousky: Vocals, Guitars, Bass, Keys, Beats & Iron fist.
Dan "Boot" Bateman: Vocals, Beats & Audio-destructica
Mikey "Johnson" Johnson as "JOHNSON!": Drums & Bombs
Aeryns Emrys: Keyboards, Vocals & Bullwhips
Dave Erickson: Guitars & Chaos


released August 15, 2009

Produced by: Geoffrey Makousky
Drums Engineered by: Tim Zilch
Mastered by: Nic Heidt
Photography by: Jenny Makousky



all rights reserved
Track Name: Freedom Prison
Welcome to freedom prison.
It's our new way. It's our new way.
Captured for your own safety.
It's our new way. It's our new way.

The recipe for a fascist democracy.
Concurrent calamity with a fear of reality.
Barrage the mind with images of the lie.
We're stuck with the fuck who ran us up on the rocks.
He shit in our hands and bust off the locks.
Ever since we swallowed the hook.
There is no hope to rewrite the book.

We're represented by a remote control man.
Diodes on his back a hand up his ass.
Leading us to his end. Leaving us behind to fend for ourselves.
There is no hope for me. To hold my head high.
I am so ashamed to be one and the same.

Tell me once again how you try to make truth of your lies.
Damning everyone to hell for your objective.
I am stroking my pistol. hoping i do not miss you.
It's my chance to rewind. Everything.

I am the enemy. You're just like me.
I am so afraid. You're just the same.
Track Name: Snake Eyes
Red eyed pugilist with a metal fist.
Devour the afterbirth leave no trace of it.
It's hard to manage subtly and discretion
when your punctuation comes from the muzzle of a Smith and Wesson.

Every time he rolls the dice it's been coming up snake eyes.

Firing blanks into the unblinking eye.
All you taste is mud my child.
Blade in hand concealed sympathies.
Hold still. Open up to me.
You're not cutting to set me free.
You're just cutting to see me bleed.
It's a sly future. Content to descend.
Remove yourself. Reject intent.

I'm not an elitist. I'm a defeated jesus.
Overslept my resurrection and skipped my confession.
Track Name: Submerged
Let the fucking city drown. It's not your home town.
Watch it all get swallowed down.
On every channel as they stand around.
Signing off on dropping bombs. She's not your Mom.
Watch it all go full control.
Police state before you know.

Not in my name. How could you expect I would feel the same?
As ravenous and uncontrollable as the one's who stop the reigns.
Cutting us off. Back as far as possible.
It's not just probable. Because it's undeniable.
War without a limit.
Stark measures of repression.
Those who signed their name are calling us to resist.
The overall direction imposes the great danger.
There is nothing to fear but.

No belief. That does it.
You cannot run from it.
It has all been built in.
Working. Since it worked then.

Not In our name. Not in my name.

There's nothing to fear but these words that you hear.
Threats are not bombs. Free from coercion.
Detain the prosecuted. Valuing the descent.
Understand the value of the exchange.
People of conscience accept the responsibility.
All oppose the injustice loosed on the world by the
Bush administration...
Track Name: Pulled The Plug
There is very little left. After we've broken the seal.
It just keeps on pouring out. Fills the void we can't conceal.
Turning all the green to brown. We'll forget what beauty was.
Slide your filth under the ground. Bury yourself. In. Shit.

The earth weeps for us.
It sees our horizon.
It knows our path.
There's always a chance for redemption
but I fear our inaction.
We'll soon be deceased.
Distant memories for surviving life
and what we leave behind.
Endless guilt and shame
stacked to the heavens.
Choked out by the smoke
of our burning hope.

Skyline belching smoke. Past that last resort.
Waters choked with filth. Past that last resort. |
After we pulled the plug. It's like we just gave up.
The absence of will. It's like we just gave up.

The sun knows our mistake.
It sees the changing winds.
It's watching us burn out.
It's like we've never been.
It's so obvious to everyone but us.
I guess you need a longer perspective.
Time makes it's escape in each passing day.
Recognition failed.
Whispers on the air.
Answers that don't make sense.
Facts that don't add up.
The endless escalation of a spectacular fraud.

Brides die on the altar.
Churning up flesh.
Making us regret.
All of it.
Beside hell on earth realized.
Seconds past the time of relevance.
Of life.

Who pulled the plug?
Track Name: Mirage Of A Law
Some men prefer the lie
when the truth is stacking corpses
fifty thousand high.
Some romance the machine
when it gives a more authentic thought
than a human being.

Shot a body left it at our feet .
The lies that they told us took us took us deep.
I could swear that the reflection it wasn't me
and now a vision of it haunts us in our sleep.
A year goes by like it was just a day.
It's a half hearted, divided, ridiculous display.
The confidence and trust that you betray.
Fly a flag and pump your fist until they obey.

I smell sulfur on your breath.

Carve a reliquary image of a god.
Hate your, fake your mirage of a law.
Track Name: The Apology
'You are either with us or you are with the terrorists...
kill kill kill....kill'

No fire ever reaches his majesties throne.
You can't match him here it's his atmosphere.
You won't even get an ounce of contrition.
There's no point in his mission if he's not spilling blood.

Send my condolences to his wife.
Tell the children that I know I've ruined both their lives.
You can escape what makes you wise.
You're foolish just enough to loose your life.

Blighted item feigning benevolence.
Confront comfort. It is weakening me.

What could I do but do wrong?
Wrap my apology in a song,
shove it deep inside the darkest heart of all.
It's small but it's mine.
It's convinced of its crime.
I would do well to do so but it keeps chilling my blood.
Track Name: Rampage When You Die
None but crumbs stretched over thin.
Far off the mark, but far from done in.

Marking out a new low. Twisted sick scenarios.
Hide me in the lie. The ugliness inside.

I only fought for the blood loss.
Forgot. All for naught. Lost it.
Fragments combine.
Drag down the sky.
These are my hands
stained by deed.
Glass shard garnish a spectacular wreck
of tarnished commitment.

Trails laid are now converging.
I slip the noose once again.

Sometimes things have got to give.
You got to know when to move on.
Sometimes you must live to die.
You got to know when it's over.

See my footprints trailing behind.
Wet sand left to dry. Three times.
Abandonment. You left my side.
Tendons erect. A moment selected.
Nothing said. Stop this. Don't hesitate.
It's never too late.
This is my will. Time is the flesh.
on knees and singing intent.
Loosing defense,
save my regret.
Track Name: Laugh It All Off
Digging the hole. Deeper inside.
Scratching at the scab. Revealing all I am.

I've become the sore. Shrinking inside the skin.
Corrosive chemicals burn the image in.
There's no replacement for what I have lost.
Denying this internal Holocaust.

I've got a way to laugh it all off. I just pretend I'm already gone.
I've got a way to laugh it all off. I just pretend I'm already dead.

Looking at what I used to be before I left myself
for the fabricated promises that were in my head.
It was never real. I could never feel. There was never hope
just the hands around my neck that I beg to choke.
Looking back I was never sad, but I never really laughed.
I never lived a life it was paved over in a night.
I could never love. I could never hate. There is nothing left.
I'm Just a corpse that I suffocate.
Gimmie me my fix.
Gonna throw fits.
Gonna to slit wrists.
Gonna to shoot this.
Gonna wreck all of this.

I've given up now. Fallen too far down.
Bleeding from my soul. Given up control.
My heart is turning black. It shows on my face.
Keep breaking my back. Keep turning away.